A world-class measuring transducer

Angland Electronics has extensive experience in designing and manufacturing for demanding industries and Syncore Technologies is known for developing complex embedded systems. Together, we have developed a world-class measuring transducer. LQT60 WIDE is a configurable multi-transducer for reading all electronic quantities in a power distribution network.

The product fulfils the rigorous IEC 61000-6-5 EMC class (Immunity for power station and substation environments) required by the electricity market.



– Current range 0-10 A
– Voltage range 0-500 V
– Power supply 24-250 V DC / 80-250 V AC
– 5 analogue fully configurable outputs
– RS485
– USB port for configuration
– High accuracy (class 0.2)
– True RMS
– Quick response time


Want to know more?

Please contact our Deputy CEO, Mattias Engström, mattias.engstrom@syncore.se