Remote monitoring saves time, money and energy

Corroventa was established on 1985 and is one of the leading company within water damage decontamination. Today they have sales over entire Europe and subsidiary in six contries.

Corroventa’s latest innovation is a unique monitoring system and a revolutionary news for the industry. With SuperVision®, the drying process controls, monitored and measured on distance through computer, smartphone and tablet. It means that many more tasks can be managed at the same time and the humid technician do not have to spend a lot of time on travelling to be able to controll the process firsthand. In addition, the drying process can be completed at the exact right time, which saves energy and costs.

SuperVision® can be used together with all machines from Corroventa’s ES-series.

Syncore has developed the telematics solution – from the development of measurement nodes and modem to the cloud solution that handles Corroventa’s system all over the world. Communication between the machines and the cloud is developed in collaboration with Telenor Connexion.


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Read more about SuperVision® on Corroventa’s website

Syncore has that small company entrepreneurship, drive and enthusiasm. At the same time, they are big enough to provide us with what we need. The success factor for me as a customer lies within that balance.
Per Ekdahl, VD Corroventa