The smallest data diode on the market

It all started with an idea. link22 wanted to develop a data diode that would be unique for its kind. It would be the smallest data diode in the market. Together with link22, we brainstormed ideas and investigated what was reasonable and feasible. We at Syncore then produced the hardware, production data and helped to achieve CE certification for the product. The biggest challenge has been to make the product as small as possible while meeting the requirement to reach a data rate of 1 Gbit/s. It should also be energy efficient and with the least possible heat generation.


The result was Data Diode Zero, which is used for one-way and secure network traffic. This product provides better security against cyber threats and is the most affordable data diode in its category. With the dimensions of only 30x60x80 mm and a weight of 140 g, the Data Diode Zero is the smallest of its kind on the market.


Read more about Data Diode Zero and the technical specifications here.


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