Professional video editing with Thor

Syncore helped Image Systems and DigitalVision to develop an advanced signal processing card for image enhancement algorithms in professional video editing. This is a 20-layer PCI express card with two Stratix-5 FPGAs and 32 GB RAM.

The biggest design challenge was to, in a short time, route the complex card with high demands for signal integrity in GHz frequencies. The design is at the forefront of what can be realised with today’s FPGA technology, giving the card a data capacity of 1 Tb/s. The product is the fastest platform on the market of post-processing of video and image data in SD, HD, and 4K formats.


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Please contact our Deputy CEO Mattias Engström,

During the project, Syncore has been involved in both requirements and architecture. Through extensive reviews and a proactive approach throughout the project, we were pleased to conclude that all high-speed elements, such as memories and interfaces, worked on the first go. The work has been done with minimal administration and great focus on time and quality.
Per Lundblad, Image Systems