Vi develop embedded systems
– from idea to finished product

inbyggda system

Our services: a complete process

We develop embedded systems – from idea to finished product. In practice, this means that we can help you through the entire product life cycle, regardless of whether the project encompasses single details or the entire system. We work close with you through the entire journey and our development team contributes the competence that is needed in every step.

1. Feasibility study

As you progress from the idea stage, we will help you define the product. We consider regulatory requirements, safety, purposes, and goals. By setting the right requirements, you will get a product that is relevant and optimized for its purposes.

2. Product development

Inconsistent development cycles can be devastating for a company when it comes to skill maintenance and development. We do the exact opposite by running several parallel customer projects, which means we know exactly what the development process looks like.  We help you develop a working prototype, whether you need to supplement your own knowledge or outsource the entire responsibility.

3. Verification

The feasibility study defines the product, and the development creates it. The question is whether the product does what it should or whether it meets your own expectations and requirements. We help you verify the product to ensure that it complies with legal and safety requirements – and that it serves its purpose in the environment it is intended for.

4. Production

We help you with prototype compilation as well as production launch, either by using your current suppliers or through our network of contract manufacturers. We take care of the communication with the manufacturer for the purpose of ensuring that the supplies are relevant, and the processes are effective. We also develop production test systems and ensure that any initial issues in the production line are rectified.

5. Test system

Testing and verification are obvious parts in the development cycle. We have great experience in developing systems for, among others, functional verification, climate testing and production testing. Many of our test systems are based on components from National Instruments (NI), and as an NI Alliance Member, we have direct access to a strong network and support.
Read more about Syncore and NI.

6. Management

We take care of the product even after the launch and ensure that it meets all the requirements. We provide you with product updates, version management and full traceability at a component level. We ensure accessibility so that you or your customer do not get affected by factors such as delivery issues or product expiration.

Environmental and Quality Policy

Syncore Technologies AB is a consultancy company that focuses on embedded product development. We shall be the obvious choice for development of customers products. With excellence in quality and precision, Syncore shall deliver the product that our customers expects. We shall understand our customers needs and expectations, assist with our experience in order to resolve challenges, and ultimately strengthen our customers market position with an increased product value. Syncore shall work to continuously improve services, quality and performance. Syncore shall operate in a manner which fulfils its compliance obligations. Syncore shall work together with our customers, offering a high level of attention through clear and professional communication. An open dialog is a key factor in delivering successful projects. Syncore shall work actively to reduce pollution and reduce our environmental footprint, with consideration to technical and economical resources in terms of laws and requirements.