We develop embedded systems
– from idea to finished product

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Some of the industries we serve

We work with industries where the quality and reliability requirements are extremely high. It means that we have the benifit to grow together with customers that are in the leading edge of technology. For you, it means that you will get a partner that will understand your business, take a holistic approach for your technology challenges and continously contribute to further development.

functional safety

Functional Safety

In order to create safety-critical systems, experience is a critical success factor. We help you avoid costly redesigns, which often become the consequence of insufficiently thought-out designs. We have created products that meet ISO 61508, ISO 15998, RTCA DO-178, and ISO 13849 standards and work with companies in the automotive, aerospace, and industrial control industries.

industrial control

Industrial Control

Hydraulic controls and advanced engine controls. Two examples of industrial control systems in which the result is a combination of sensor data, control algorithms, and functional safety requirements. Often, the interfaces must be adapted to one or more standards, such as CAN, ModBus, Profibus, or Ethernet.



No other industry is as safety-conscious as the aviation industry. Not only does it place great demands on quality; it also requires the supplier to be familiar with the special project structure, which differs from other types of functional safety solutions. Syncore’s quality system includes processes for development according to the DO-178B/DO-254 standards.



Automotive products are characterised by high EMC requirements and robust design. In addition, prices are often pushed down. A combination that poses a real challenge. We have created several systems for the automotive industry and are accustomed to the EMC standards used.

industrial measurement

Industrial Measurement

Advanced measuring systems with high speeds and high precision entail major challenges. At GHz frequencies, product design and manufacturer experience are critical factors for achieving successful results. We create measuring systems that reach the “Best of Class” level on the international market.

defense systems

Defense Systems

Defense systems place great demands on processes and domain expertise. Knowledge of EMC standards, secure system design, component selection, strict control of requirement management and validation are just a few examples. We have extensive experience in creating defense systems.

pro consumer

Pro Consumer

Obviously, we also monitor the development of technology and trends in the consumer segment. We have, for example, created twenty-layer PCBs with the latest generation of Stratix-5-FPGAs, DDR3 memories, and a data capacity of 1 Terabit/sec. We have also developed award-winning high-end amplifiers.

wireless systems

Wireless Systems

Wireless communications systems, such as sensor networks, point-to-point, and machine-to-machine require thorough understanding of the basic technology. Syncore has experience with discrete RF design as well as integration of GPRS/3G systems. And we design everything from antennas with matching steps to user interfaces.

test systems

Test systems

Testing and verification are obvious parts of the development cycle. We have great experience in developing systems for, among others, functional verification, climate testing and production testing.



Several of our projects involve radar and also machine learning. It is often about detection, positioning and viewing flow. Radar was once expensive – today, there are radar solutions in many niche varieties that work well in a variety of applications.



Swedish agricultural technology is on the cutting edge when it comes to innovative systems in tough environments.We at Syncore can help you with the development and make sure that your product survives the tough outer environments it is located in, while also meeting the functional safety requirements. In many cases it concerns agricultural standards, such as ISO 25119, but sometimes also automotive standards, such as ISO 26262.