High-Reliability Product Development and Production

Syncore Technologies AB and NECAS A/S has engaged in a long-term partnership with emphasis on high-reliability products.

Syncore Technologies has extensive experience of designing high-reliability products and systems. In this area, Syncore Technologies provides end-to-end services – from development, verification and validation to production and obsolescence management. Since 1997, Necas has been operating as a proven EMS for customers having specific requirements for high-reliability solutions applied in critical environments.

Aerospace and Defence markets are driving expectations for high quality assurance through the entire product life cycle. This collaboration will ensure a long-term capability to support our customers – from early prototype to stable production – including related logistics.

”NECAS, being AS9100 and ATEX certified, is an excellent partner to bring into projects requiring the highest level of production integrity and quality control. Working together in the Aerospace Defence and High-Reliability area will benefit our customers, supporting their growth as their own customer demands keep increasing. This will add to our capability, when serving Scandinavia and northern Europe with volume delivery capacity at the highest quality levels” states Mattias Engström, VP of Syncore Technologies AB.

Syncore Technologies is an ideal partner for NECAS.
Syncores Technologies track record in designing safety critical aerospace and defence-systems provides a solid discipline in developing products to the highest standards. This implies an ability to almost introduce a new product seamlessly into production at Necas facilities. Quality and documentation levels match – and basically teams hit the ground running. In addition, customers in High-Reliability segments now benefit from a multi-decade partnership providing the full supply chain for box-build a testing together with the ability to efficiently introduce new products and product updates on their respective markets” says Peter Ladefoged, CEO at NECAS A/S.

For questions to Necas A/S: Contact Peter Ladefoged at pla@necas.com

For questions to Syncore AB: Contact Mattias Engström at mattias.engstrom@syncore.se